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Things I like.





         Small bells tinkle and chime, an old door creeps open. There a young boy stepped in to the smell of dust and old books, a candle flickered from the outside breeze, floorboards quietly creek with every step. Antiqe bottles of every shape and size covered the windows, letting in a dim colorful light that illuminated the antiqe shop and decorated every crack and crevice with a soft colorful light. A lone skull watched as it sat to collect dust on an old pedistle. The he looked around the old building as he coughed from the stale air. Cobwebs cloaked over a decaying phonograph that seemed to have no more purpose, two lutes leaned againsts on another, supporting each others weight throughout countless years of being overlooked. Keys jingled as they hung from the yellowed ceiling as if aged by father time. The boy gazed as the keys glimmered in the colorful light, his hand reached up to feel through the thousands of keys, and he plucked one from its fragile string to observe. Yet, the key was not like the others, it felt somewhat ominous as if it conceiled a hidden power under fancy paterns that gave it mysterious beauty. It was uniqe, and it shinned through specks of rust that plagued its beauty. He rubbed at it a bit to clean it, only to find it barely make a differenc, the rust clinged like a leach.
"How may I help you sonny?" An old man was sitting at the counter pulling his whiskers as he watched the kid flintch in surprise, it was just the shopkeeper, he adjusted his glasses to have a better look and then tightened his bowtie. The boy replied cautiously "Uh-ummm... I would like to purchase this key here, i-if that's okay?"
"Well of course! Here, let me see...Oh! What a beauty! You have a good eye kid, there is no other key like this from what I know of" Again adjusting his glasses, he observes the key and began again, the wind chimes jingled outside against the window" I remember when I first received this key, odd tale that came with it" The boy looked in curiosity "What do you mean?" The boy fidgited nervously looking at the creepy antique clown dolls in the dark corner of the shop. The old man looked for the price of the key to charge the boy. "The key was from a mansion in the woods, that place is abandoned now I am afraid, the owner dissapeared many years ago, said to belong to an insane clockmaker. Oddly enough, it's said that key was made for a mirror, not forr doors."  The old man ringed up the key and handed it to him. "But, how, morrors don't they? Oh! And by the way, my name is Timothy." The old man flicked a small pandulum as he wound  up a small German cukoo clock, the gears making a satisying clicking. "Who knows, maybe it's magic." Timothy only staired for a moment, he waved goodbye to the old shopkeeper who still pulled at his whiskers, as the boy left the stale aired building. Walking home, he laced the key around his neck, admired it a bit, then the boy left for home walking the empty streets before it was dark. Twas a small town that was surrounded by pines, always quiet. Life was void as shadows creeped over streets and buildings to devour light, the sun had set and turned the trees into siloettes. A drunkard sitting by the bar burped outloud, the street lights gave off a yellow glow in the dark street, as the purple sky grew darker.
"Mom! I'm home!" Timothy darted up the stares to his room, hopping over Grog, the fat hairy grey cat that lived with Timothy and his family , it hissed and swatted at him as he passed by, Timothy locked the door behind him "Nope, you grumpy wad of hair!" Grog meowed and clawed the door. The room consisted of many thing, decorated with keys, music boxes, and porcelin dolls. He opened his laptop, Grace, a friend, sent him an Email. Told to meet her and James after school. "Oh, James must have some ideas for summer already." He reached for the window to hang the key with the others over his bed, shimmering from the moonlight. Timothy layed down to ponder the story, restless as it dangled over his face until he faded into sleep.
The school like an old gloomy castle spills floods of students from its doors as the final bell rings, releasing them from their boring prison of Geometry and physics. Summer vacation, is here. A gentle warm summer breeze becons through the tall uncut grass that surrounded the decaying brick school, ivy creeping up the walls. As the stream of students thinned to nothing, James was waiting at the foot of the concrete steps, tapping his foot in impaitence and fiddling with his pocketwatch. Timothy rushes out the door ducking as Grace plagued him with spitwads. "Ey! Come back here I ain't done with ye yet!" She chuckled in sinister amusement. Timothy darted behind James just as she shot another one, hitting James square between the eyes. "Gah! Stop! This chaotic unsanitary behavior will not be tolerated!" He glared as her as she snickered deviously behind a straw. "Grace! Don't make me get cross with you!" He snapped in dissapointment. Grace laughed "Oh, what are you going to do? Shun me? Whoop me? Ye not me mummy! HA!" 
"This is no time for games my friends! I have exciting news for you two today, just walk with me and listen." James grinned like that of a face of a fox.

Part 2 of Chapter 1 coming soon.
Sooooo......what do I have planned?

I am working on a comic with my dragons, but I am taking my time, including since I have a lack of space, and highschool is slowing me down. I am also working on a story called "Clockwork Guardians", since I do not have a scanner, CG will be my alternative thing to post for now on here until I can scan my actual artwork, chapter one will be posted soon.

Currently I am struggling with classes so I won't be on as much soon again.
I hope you guys are doing well, if you have any questions or want to have a conversation with me, you may so now, I will be online all weekend.
I am currently questing Russian Butcher, and I am not even close to my goal yet, any help? To anyone who has abandoned or left their Gaia, may I have the items to sell from it? Just a question. I've been hooked on Gaia for a while now but only using a laptop makes it difficult. =>= If I could I would do drawing request for gold and items but I have no scanner. ;-;
Well, it has been a while, I might come back, depending on how things go.
I can't wait to show you guys how much I have improved and what I have created. I don't have a drawing tablet or any art program anymore, nor a scanner, so it might take me a while to find a way. If you have any questions please tell me. ^^


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Destanie Smith
United States
Hello, allow me to introduce myself. I am Destanie, I live in the US.
I have a list of people here you should check out!

:iconyokoky: A woman from Italy, she makes lovely Photomanipulation.
:icongianttomatoes: This girl makes some goofy but entertaining awesome comics.
:iconjabbercrow: This guy makes some prety interesting comics that I find entertaining, he has a very uneaq style and some nice characters.
:iconxxxcrystalwolfxxx: Has a bright and uplifting spirit and is very kind.
:iconxxsevensinsslothxx: A chill friend who I used to go to middleschool with.
:iconreireika-chan: anoether friend from middle school, she is just freakin awesome!
:iconfrancis-the-thriller: Her art is amusing an awesome, she also has really great tast in music!
:iconlimlam: He makes cute cool characters.
:iconscheemicplzz: I find roleplaying with this guy entertaining.
:iconclassicsaredead: She makes very interesting cartoon like characters, her gallery is full of interesting cute things.
:iconsspirate: This lady draws some pretty crazy stuff, they are always so absurd and yet awesome! Her art inspires me to try drawing in a simaller style to hers.
:iconphobs: Another person that im inspired by, they reat some pretty wicked stuff, id advise that you look at their gallery now.
:iconbelayalapa: Her art and whole gallery is always so elegant and pretty. :)
:iconwood-splitter-lee: Most of the poseabable plushes she makes are absolutly amazing, she sells them on Ebay. If you want one, check out her galler and her Ebay acc.
:iconnasakii: This guy has an epic comic series called Bad Music Zomies, you should check it out!
:iconcheeks-74: I don't know how to describe how awesome this guy is.
:icondeino3330: The creator of calcium Miku, his art is amazing, just check his gallery.

Their are still more people I want to add to the list but I forgot who they were, but ill add them later when I remember.

Stamp - The Wall by The-Rebexorcist

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